Manpasand Shadi Karne Ka Islamic Wazifa

Manpasand Shadi Karne Ka Islamic Wazifa

Manpasand Shadi Karne Ka Islamic Wazifa ,” is the otherworldly strategy where the greater part of us petition god to the sought life accomplice. Currently in this day and age love marriage is essential since we are living in the season of front line so likewise has the privilege to marriage with that individual you seek for.

On this world each individual ought to need that their better half/spouse or life accomplice ought to be quite, keen and comprehension. So here we are with you for giving you help through our Wazifa so you can do your manpasand Shadi. Young ladies need that their progressing spouse has a decent compensation, great comical inclination, understanding and shrewd and young men need that their continuous wife ought to be dazzling, quite, understanding and exquisite, so you make utilization of our Wazifa make your desire materialize. Shadi is the name of consolidated and sharing the sentiments of heart each other which is based upon two things which are love and comprehension, if both of these things exist in the middle of two people then they can do manpasand Shadi.

Manpasand Shadi Karne Ka Islamic Wazifa

Truisms are that the relationship was made in the paradise as of now, we are here just to tail them with full confidence in Allah. In any case, if there exists any sort of technique wh

ich give us our manapasand life accomplice through Shadi, then why not we tail it, then Wazifa is just the way which gives you the chance of manpasand Shadi against Allah.

Pasand ki shadi ka Wazifa aur Hidayat

Tamaam marriage wazifa ki izazat ke liye mandaraja zail hidayat per amal krana lazim hai:-

5 waqt ke Namaj ki pabandi,

Zahir or batni tamaam gunahon se parhej,

Kasrat-e-Daroodh Salam,

Sadka or Khairat ki pabandi,

Jo Wazifa parha jaye sahi talafuz aur makharij se parehein

Jo tadad bayan ki jaye pabandi or muddat-e-amal ke liye ayaam ki pabandi

Dunyawi maamlaat ke muqablay mein akharwi maamlat ko tarjeh de.

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