Manpasand Shadi ke Liye

Manpasand Shadi ke Liye

Manpasand Shadi ke Liye To make your manpasand shadi you must perform the following but remember one thing that couples are made in heaven and the marriages are celebrated on earth.So you can try to succeed doing this vazifa and get possible results and the person you want but if you fail you shall keep in mind that a man can not get what ever he wishes but he has to make his best effort to get it.The following is suggested for manpasand shadi to a specific person loved.recite surah rehman in the following way:

  • on the new moon thursday start this vazeefa
  • surah rehman daily for 11 times
  • read surah fatiha 13 times before and after
  • then read 99 names of allah
  • then 7 times last 2 verses of surah baqarah
  • ┬álast two verses of surah tuba

just do it once and pray to god for your desired goal and inshallah you will be successful.

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