Quick Wazifa For Shadi

Quick Wazifa For Shadi

Quick Wazifa For Shadi  The quickest wazefa for shadi suggested is to do the following wazeefa on the wednesday of new moon in the hour of mercury.this shall be done under open sky .Get the incense of wood called uood and prepare your burning coals to sprinkle it during your recetation. now fallow the following procedure:

  • read 1 tasbeeh durood sharif
  • then 1100 times ”salamun qulum mir rabbir raheem”
  • recite surah nasar for 11 times
  • at end read 1 tasbeeh durood sharif

Do this with full faith and belief and say 2 rakat namaz salat o hajat before that and see the results.

Powerful shadi Wazeefa

The most result situated and effective basic shadi vazeefa is to recount surah maryam day by day and blow it on a dress which has been wore for no less than 24 hours .Do this sequentially for 2 weeks and the wrap that fabric and place it in a mud pot and toss it in the running water.you will be astonished with result.

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